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28 August 2012 @ 09:50 am
Today is the day  
While I am on hold with my cardiologist - yes, I'm finally calling her - I figured I could type a little entry. This weekend was so much fun, what with spending time with my best friends, so much time with Audrey, the wedding - it was just a blast!

I knew as soon as I started typing someone would pick up. I guess I need to stop taking the meds now. She was like, "They're doing what now?" So I told her I've been consistently having dreams of people dying. The last one was of Audrey dying and I woke up yesterday morning going, nope. I can't do this anymore. So she said just stop taking them and they'll call me back with an alternative plan. Hopefully something not four times a day or a giver of headaches. But honestly, I'd be fine with that if it took these nightmares away.

Anyway! Today I am going to finish Harbinger. Or at least begin to finish it. This week will not pass without the conclusion of this fic. I started it at the end of February and just about six months later I am finishing it. It has a loyal fanbase both on dA and FIMFiction and I've gleefully created new head canon for people, and it's really been a labor of love. It's made me fall in love with characters I didn't expect to, quite honestly. And of course reinforced my adoration of Big Macintosh. This last chapter will be epic; I went to bed plotting out the big battle and all the little skirmishes within the battle, the showdown between the big baddie and those who will face off against him, who will die, who will not. I'm excited. And the epilogue, of course. I hope it will make people as hopeful as it makes me.

Now I go to write. Hopefully my fingers can keep up with my brain today.
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