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29 September 2012 @ 10:47 am
Well that wasn't smart  
If I had a dollar for every time I have either said or thought about how much I love living here or how blessed we are to be in this apartment since we've been here I think I'd be able to...um...buy myself that Wonderbolts zipup from Hot Topic I keep occasionally looking at and wishing was a heck of a lot cheaper. Honestly, I have never lived in a better apartment. As much as I loved the size and privacy of Belmont (I could do archery in my own back yard, people. I had a pond back there I could shoot over!) there were a lot of things we had to worry about there that we just don't here. It's fabulous. Our downstairs neighbors were our friends before we moved and now they're our sisters. I can walk to my most regular of doctor appointments, and I don't have to worry about freezing in the winter. Unless the heater stops working again but that's more becoming a running gag now than anything else. It's wonderful! So why do I have this wanderlust?

I've stated before that I tend to get this way every September and I blame it all on the Highland Games. It's a little taste of Scotland, a place where I walk around and I feel more at home, more comfortable there than I do in my every day life and I truly believe with every fibre of my being that it's because that is where I am supposed to be.

We had a Thanksgiving feast with Jess and Adam last night (the kids too, of course) because they will more than likely not be here when the actual holiday rolls around. After the boy was in bed and while Adam was watching Star Trek (TNG. I had a hard time not joining him. Truth.) Jess pulled up some of the listings in Texas that a friend had sent her and some she'd found on her own. Well doing that made me want to do a little research of my own. For myself.

When I decided Scotland was my goal I bought a book about moving to and living in Scotland that I near on consumed the moment it was in my hands. I know it's a process and one that is going to require a lot of work on my end. They don't want just anyone moving there (understandably so) and I have ancestry to trace since my family fails all around at keeping records and stuff. And I know I'm still a ways off from publishing, but my dreamer's mind decided it would be fun to look at real estate in the couple of areas of Scotland I want to end up in. My dreamer's mind is not very bright.

Cost of living is less there than it is here, this I have known, but for two thirds of what I'm paying here for rent and utilities for an apartment I could rent to own a two or three bedroom house. So I looked through listing after listing, getting more and more depressed. And determined. And going, "Well maybe this hasn't happened because this is going to happen." Like, for instance, maybe I haven't gotten a car still because I'm definitely not going to want to fly a car overseas. Yeah, that's what I do. Needless to say, I had lovely dreams but they left me feeling a little hollow when I woke up.

We have a One Voice rehearsal retreat today (2-7) so it should go away. It looks like there is going to be a lot of dancing this season. Who's not hating that?

Now I need to go make chocolate peanut butter rice crispy treats to bring. Yeah, it's so happening.
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