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13 September 2012 @ 08:59 am
Words Go Here  
Today is the day I tackle my room. I don't think I'll get it completely finished today but I'll at least have all my shelves painted and all the fabric and stuff off the walls. I'm excited for this change. In my last apartment I had the same kind of baroque/Renaissance theme going and it's time for something new. I took some before shots when my room was actually clean so I can show before and after. The old look was very dramatic (hush from the peanut gallery!) and the new one will be simpler, fresher. I've learned a small space like my room needs to have less heavy decorations to make it feel not as claustrophobic.

Last night I also decided I'm doing One Voice again this year. So that's happening.

Other things are...okay. I'm super stressed out about money right now and am looking at stuff around the apartment going, "Can I sell that?" so I can feel like my head is above water. Heather says we're okay but I feel like I have weights tied to my feet. I can't even look at my account without having a mini panic attack.

Not much else going on. I'm still writing, albeit slowly. Yesterday I learned a few more of the ins and outs of digital oil painting while working on the ballerina I drew forever ago. I'm learning how to shade which is not something I ever knew how to do, so that's cool. Finally finished drawing all the next gen kids. Going to Six Flags this weekend, Highland Games the next. Dunno. Things are just going fine.

And I guess that concludes this update.
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic