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19 August 2012 @ 01:40 pm
Had to jump on to squee  
My mother surprised me with an ebay package today. I get all her packages here because her landlords are...not cool...so I was delivering her mail today. She picked up one of the smaller packages, opened it, and said, "Oh, this one's not for me!" I looked at it, saw it had her name on it, was thoroughly confused but took it anyway. Inside was....a Star Swirl!!!!

boomdiada has always said she was the prettiest pony and I've always said it was a tie between Blossomforth and Flitter Heart. Now that I have a Star Swirl here, looking at me as I type this.....I concede. She is gorgeous! I can't even!

Now all I need are Skywishes (which I have a suspicion she also got for me because she kept asking me which one Star Swirl was and she's never ever cared before.) Star Dreams, and Sweetie Swirl. Now that I have a Sweet Song Glimmer Wings I almost want a Ploomette, but I've seen the tinsel-haired Ploomette people are guessing is coming out with the Crystal Empire line so I'm going to wait.

But I am so happy about this addition to my collection. She is now, hands down, the prettiest pony on the shelf.
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I love the whole world...boomdiada on August 19th, 2012 09:08 pm (UTC)
Hee yay!! TOLD YOU SHE WAS THE PRETTIEST. It's the blue, I tell ya. Blue makes for prettiest ponies (See also, Trixie toy. GORGE.)

If you can find the old Rarity's Carousel, you'll get Sweetie Swirl in there. Sweetie Blue has never been seen again on Taobao but I have not given up hope. Star Dreams... Amazon International gets funky about the Sweet Slumbers set, but maybe that was because I was trying to order it and the Riding Along thing and it was like "NOOOOO." I don't know.
Diana: terror triomyfebruarysong on August 20th, 2012 01:33 pm (UTC)
You win this round. *shakes fist*

I didn't even know Sweetie Blue was one that popped up anywhere. Looking for her just now I only saw one of her with tinsel hair. But she's pretty! Thank you, I'll start looking around. ^^